is safe?

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  1. I want to purchase a nice and cheap R4i Gold on this website.
    However, after poking around, I saw a couple of complaints on how fashionpay spends a bit of money and uses your card.

    I feel like shit now, i'm unsure as hell. :hateit:
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    I don't recommend using your credit card. I also read the complaints about them and the problem about fashionpay.

    I ordered from them twice and they are legit. Payed using Western Union. And they also have Paypal. But be wary of the WU/PP charge. Well its better than giving your personal info on your credit card.
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    Due to floating exchange rate, tiny disparity of order value may exist.
    please thought it as transcation fees, even you use Western Union, Paypal , transcation fees exit too.

    Another we flashcarts sellers not phishing site,
    we use the payment gateway from the Bank,
    when make the payment, it jumps to the gateway site, so, we don't know your card information.
  4. Sounds great, I just bought a flash card.
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    Apr 9, 2014
    Do not say what, never buy from that website before.
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    my dad works for nintendo.
    it is the gbatemp sponsor, it is safe
    but the fashionpay sucks... to high fees..
  7. hippy dave

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    I ordered from them recently and received it safely and faster than I expected. I paid with PayPal. I also saved a good chunk of money by trying the different currency options and calculating which worked out cheaper (I think it was Canadian, came out at least £5 cheaper than if I'd just used the £ option)