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Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by CheatingSoi, Jun 20, 2009.

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    I sold my 8GB iPod nano 3rd gen on ebay the other day. The buyer just sent me 2 messages after receiving it.

    "I received the ipod nano today. It does nothing but show me the welcome screen. I connect it to iTunes and reset it to factory settings. That did not help either. Did you lock it for some reason? If so how do I unlock it?"


    "There is a LOCK on the top of this iPod and the only way to get any response is to plug it into my computer; and then the response is the welcome screen that appears only briefly, I cannot navigate away from this screen and then the ipod is completely dead! I will get a brief response to the welcome screen whenever I initially unplug it as well. It does not appear to charge either. How do I unlock it?"

    I don't understand what could be wrong. All I did before I sent it was restore it with iTunes. Then I mailed it out and I'm not sure how to respond. If anyone can tell what the problem might be please help me out here. Thanks.

    Wait I bet he just meant there is a lock on the top of the ipod as in on the screen and is unaware of the actual lock swithc on the bottom. Sigh.. Never mind thats probly it.
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