iPod 3g With iOS 4 Help!!

Discussion in 'iPhone, iPod & iPad' started by rockstar99, Aug 21, 2010.

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    Dec 3, 2008
    Ok so a few days ago I bought an iPod Touch 3g, it was used and had iOS 4 installed onto it, i then learnt about the comex jailbreak but whenever i visit the jailbreakme site, after i slide the ipod to jailbreak its stuck on "Downloading Files" it never moves up, i can download other files on my iPod but only that site does not work and after a few mins it resets back to the iPod OS, please help me its been driving me crazy for days now....
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    Aug 5, 2010
    Well, alot of people have problems with this jailbreak when they run OS 4 and not firmware 4.0.1 .
    Sync it to your PC and make sure it's on firmware 4.0.1 .
    After that you can try again and see.
    If still not, it's VERY recommended that you switch the iPod off and on again just to see whether it works this time or not.

    Meh, I was stuck for like 4 days after it downloads at the part where it says "Jailbreaking" . Always there it would fail and got me really pissed off.

    Tried like 4 days later and it worked.

    But believe me. For now, just update your iPod and switch it off then on.

    It should help if not then just be a little patient cause there server is really bad and many, many people are using it at once.
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    4.0.1 only exists for iPhone. It fixed some bugs that presumably had to do with the phone software and not anything else so the iPod Touch didn't need it.
    Comex's site has been having trouble for a few days now, possibly its still having a few problems so I suggest being patient. I've been lucky the 2 times I've jailbroken mine using the site but the same can't be said for everyone unfortunately. Lots of people use the site and especially since its back up from a recent break the loads are going to be high.
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    Thanks for correcting me [​IMG]
    Never had an iTouch...