IOS 249 deleted.. how to re-install

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by DarkSlave, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. DarkSlave

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    Sep 16, 2011
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    Aight, it seems like I messed up and I am trying to fix it but not being successful. I keep having trouble getting The Smurfs Dance game to run and I was given the following information:

    You will want to use cIOS 249d2x6 (base 56) to get it to run. Also block IOS Reload if not already done.

    So, I opened the HBC 0.7 channel, selected MMM 13.4 and went into the IOS Manager section. Noticed a lot of numbers (IOS I assume) that are in yellow and several of them (3, 202, 236) that were in white; 249 was yellow. Trying to maneuver around the clicking of this thing, really not knowing what the hell I am doing, I guess not only did I click (-) which is delete, I also clicked A to OK the damn thing. Now I have learned that by clicking on B it takes me BACK. So, I know, the dumbest shit I could have ever done not knowing what the hell I am doing. Trust me, I feel stupid enough not knowing about the IOS or cIOS (have seen the words/acronyms but have NO idea what the hell they are).

    So, I took my SD card and copied the fresh files of Wodeflow43, MMM 13.4 and the HBC 0.7 back into my card; hoping that it will copy that darn 249 IOS that I just erased; NOPE! It is still white.

    Go online to see how can I re-install 249 but they are making mention of IOS56.. Well, when I click on top of 249 (which is white) and I select [1] to install a custom IOS I get a list of IOS but 56 is not there. 57 is, 60 and some others. So I am stumped.

    All because trying to get darn Smurf Dance for my kids to work; needless to say I haven't been able to get this game going since it came out. Several different ISO and WBFS. At least someone shared light on 249, but dumb-ass me had to click (-) and A to erase instead of [D-PAD] to select IOS.

    Any help would be greatly appreciate it since I truly don't have the slightest idea what this 249 does or doesn't do. What will or not work. So, honestly, any help would be greatly appreciate it on how to get this dog-on 249 back in there to get the Smurfs Dance game going; hopefully.

    Thanx in advance.

    BTW, I got the Smurfs Dance game to work via the WODE LCD, it just won't work via WODEFlow. But I still don't have IOS 249 loaded since I deleted it. Any help, light, guidance, will be greatly appreciate it!
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    Okay...first things first: your IOS (Input-Output System) are absolutely CRUCIAL to your wii's safety. You know the BIOS of your PC? IOS are roughly the same thing. The wii has multiple of them, but they provide the same purpose of basic recognition of the hardware. Easy rule of thumb: do not delete them. Ever. At best overwrite them, but even then, it's only advised if you know what the f*** you're doing. It would be like removing your c:\windows folder...only much worse.
    (note that if you would have tried to delete one of those, MMM will most likely give you a whole bunch of "are you ABSOLUTELY FRICKING CERTAIN you want to do this?" questions)

    Luckily, cIOS (Custom IOS) are not that crucial for your wii's health. Anything above 200 is homebrew made (stubs aside: nintendo's last 2 patches included dummy IOS'es that simply overwrote cIOS249 so backups couldn't be played anymore...until you overwrote that with a cIOS again). But as your source mentioned, you will need the correct one to play it. And not only that, but you will also need a backup loader that can run the game with said cIOS.

    (rats: I gotta go...better keep this brief)
    You can find that correct cIOS in this thread that was stickied. Check the instructions. The 'base 56' is an option it'll ask when installing. That's all. Do not use MMM for this. That can only install the aforementioned stub.
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