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    Jan 2, 2011
    A little bit ago, I was attempting to help my Skype buddy fix her laptop issues. Currently, the laptop is doing a funky little thing where the laptop is connected to the internet, the connection is good, but every internet browser is acting like there are connection errors. Some Googling told me that an incomplete Norton removal can be troublesome long after you thought you had removed it. I asked her, and conveniently enough, some Norton shit had shown up just recently before the problems started. I sent the Norton Removal Tool via Skype, but after using it, completely ridding themselves of Norton, the problem persists.

    The details, list like:

    - Running Windows 7, I believe. Not sure if it's 32 or 64 bit.
    - No specs, don't think it matters much here anyways.
    - Anti-virus is AVG
    - Can still run applications that require the internet such as instant messengers (Skype for example), but browsers prove problematic

    The last things I could suggest before she went off to bed was to try seeing if things worked in safe mode with networking tomorrow, and regardless, trying a scan with AVG to see if maybe a virus is screwing things up.

    I would love to know if anybody has had similar issues that can help me with giving advice. Remember that they can't use internet browsers, which means no big program downloads, since sending those through Skype would be hell. I'm also unaware of if they have a DVD burner of any sorts available, nor do I know if they have ready access to another computer with these features, should they be needed. With that in mind, I would appreciate any advice I can give on solving the problem.

    A good thing to remember would be that the friend in question isn't amazing with computers, and them living in Canada prevents me from doing much personally.