Installing Wad files from USB

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    Hey guys I was wondering if I can successfully install wads from my usb drive(I have wad manager 1.7), I have my SD card in the Wii but the thing is that I myself don't have an SD card port on my laptop. I just wanted to know if I can use my USB from time to time since I can't access an SD card from a PC all the time. I tried my phone last year but since then it corrupted my SD card.
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    Wad files can be located anywhere, as long as your Wad manager can mount the SD or USB and and you browse folders.
    If your wad manager doesn't let you choose the device or the folder, try another manager.

    I don't remember if Wad manager 1.7 let's you choose the device or allow you to use a different folder.
    I guess MultiModManager lets you choose the path.
    Wad Manager 1.5GUI should work too, but don't use it to install IOS (it's patching the files silently).

    There's another solution too, use wiiXplorer homebrew to transfer the file from USB to SD directly on your Wii.
    then use you manager like usual.