Installing game saves to carts using Action Replay

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    Oct 21, 2008
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    K, so, I've got that new ARDSi thing, and it's similar to the ARDS Media Edition, and it has a save game management feature.

    I backed my Platinum save up, it comes out as a .duc. I converted it to a .sav 512KB and threw it in Pokesav so I can save my .pkm's and run them through the legit checker so I know what's hacked and what's not since I trade a lot.

    Now, once I'm done, I convert it back to the .duc and it comes up in a folder called "Converted Saves" on the AR. When I hit install it gives me this message
    "WARNING Selected SAVE not compatible with currently inserted game ( wrong size)."

    Platinum is in the ar at this point, and the file's are similar sizes @_@.

    Was there a problem with the conversion?