Inject a custom game inside a 3DS cartridge

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    Stupid question. I want to inject a custom/modified .cia, or something similar into a cartridge, replacing the game with a new one.

    As far I know, 3DS (And pretty much all of the) cartridges are ROM, Read Only Memory, so you can't write stuff into them.

    So, I want to know if there's an alternative way to do it. Like, purchasing a programmable cartridge.

    Why I would want to do this? I mean, I can already install games into my console and add romhacks. But I can't do the same in other people consoles...
    Here's my evil plan. My plan is to make a romhack of Zelda Majora's Mask with modified dialogs, textures, music, maps, models, etc (I already know about rom hacking, so there's no problem for me)... To just make it scary, to just make the player think "The hell is happening here? The game is more creepy than I remember".

    Then, write that romhack into a cartridge, sell it in a "Sell your second hand stuff!" webpage, meet the person in real life to give the cartridge (Yeah, that's how some of "Sell your second hand stuff" webpages actually work) and then say "Don't worry, it's free. Don't pay for it". And after that poor person starts to play, boom, a cool creepypasta in real life, or probably a trauma.

    Obviously, I won't do it, but I'm just curious to know if you can actually do something like this and purchase a non-ROM cartridge.
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    There are non ROM cartridges, but those are only for devkits(and require dev hardware to write them) and would not work on a retail system anyways
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    Dec 19, 2014
    I think unhacked 3DSes perform signature verifications on carts, so it wouldn't work.
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