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    Hi there. My wii hasn't been used in a while because I haven't gotten a new game since Smash brothers.

    So, maybe I could get a mod chip? And that $25 one from DX looks really nice.

    Problem is, it's very hard to find info on it.

    Searching google and GBAtemp yeild very poor results.

    Where can I learn how to program it and such?
    Would it be an easy-peasy copy-and-paste deal?

    Also, I'll use newsgroups since torrents aren't allowed on this university. Couple that with a 600 KB/S max DL speed, torrents would take for-freakin-ever.
    But, do older games often get re-uploaded? Just wondering.

    ALSO: As far as I can tell the process goes:

    Step 1: Program Free Clip
    Step 2: Put Free Clip in wii
    Step 3: Play burned games.

    I do apologize if there's just a GLARING topic out there that I somehow missed.
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    I was wondering about this too.
    Is any soldering needed btw?
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    Haha, I am actually looking for info too. But no, there is no soldering needed.
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    Look in this thread under the point "porgramming":
    You have to use the YAOSM 3.2 two LED hex for the 12F683.
    Sadly the pictures in this tutorial broken, but you should be able to understand it none the less. Though ofcourse you'll need to check 12F683 on the dropdown-list and afaik you don't have to reenter the bandgap on those PICs... so just use WinPic or ICProg, they should be pretty self-explainetory. [​IMG]
  5. Kiljaeden

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    I've had the Free Clip for a few months now and it's great. I've got yaosm on there and it's played everything I've thrown at it. You can use these two guides to program it using WINPIC 800. One is for Yowii but it tells you how to program yaosm.

    With the Free Clip, it's a bit sensitive being recognised in the programmer, so you have to move it around a bit til it recognises it.
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