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    Sep 12, 2009
    Hi, i am trying to run incognito on my Switch to be able to go online (been using airplane mode on my emunand since i created it) but i have this error:


    On the bottom it says that i dont have any emummc config but i am runnign emunad.
    When i try ro run it nothing happens, the screen flashes for a second and return to the Incognito_RCM main menu.

    And when i try to backup my sysnand info i get this:

    I also tried the nro version (using the 9.0.0 kips) and i got this:

    Can anyone help me? Thanks

    One last question, my sysnand is clean (never loaded atmohpere or anything there) and i keep it online when i use it. My emunand is in airplane mode since i created it. If i use this on my emunand, can i use my sysnand for normal online play while my emunad is also connected online for homebrew stuff (like ftp file trasnfer)? And can i use my emunand on pokemon games to use mystery gift, to get the meowth event on my Pokemon Sword?
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