In-game issues when playing off NOR (EZ Flash IV)?

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    I wrote MegaMan Battle Network 2 to NOR so I could start it faster, and it seems to work fine for a while, but then I run into issues.

    First there was sprite flickering, with characters and objects randomly flashing to positions they weren't supposed to be in. This was on my DS Lite, so I tested it on my AGS-001 GBA SP to be sure, and yep, same issue. I deleted everything off the NOR, rewrote the ROM, and that seemed to fix the issue. Then a few hours later, the game would freeze soon after booting. This time I formatted the NOR (with Start), rewrote, and again, seemed to fix the freezing issue for another couple of hours, until it just happened again. Playing the game after copying to PSRAM seems to work a-ok, though.

    Is this just a general quirk with the hardware, is it a kernel problem (running 1.76, with the default Finding Nemo skin that came with my microSDHC unit), a simple incompatibility with this game, or is it a defect that I should be contacting the seller about?
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    You have a defective EZ Flash IV. I had this problem with my first EZ Flash. Your NOR is broken.

    After playing for a while, the data will become corrupted.

    For me, it was PocketNES loading garbage as sprites. Each time it started, it persisted longer, and longer, and longer.

    Bought another EZ Flash and the problem was gone.