I'm about completely sold on Wii U

Discussion in 'Wii U - Games & Content' started by Amber Lamps, Jul 12, 2013.

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    I never thought I would say this but after the E3 offerings of Microsoft Xbox One and Sony Playstation 4, being mostly FPSes and RPGs, I would have to safely say that what I have seen Nintendo come out with as well as offer for this system blows those two systems away.

    Why would I say this? Because FPSes are WAY over done. I am very disappointed that I have GTX 670 graphics card for my PC and all I end up playing on it are FPSes. Sure I have some RPG and RTS games as well, we all know the names of most of those popular titles, but it just doesn't cut it for fun-factor.

    I just found out about a gem for the Wii U recently called Tank! Tank! Tank! Sure this has been out for a while but it looks pretty novelty. And novelty is what draws me to a console.

    There's a few other titles that are great for Wii U and now I'm thinking that if PS4 doesn't pan out (which it probably won't for me anyway) I'll probably be going the Wii U route.

    I was bored with gaming for several weeks but just got back into it a little bit. Most of the PC stuff I play now are freeware and html5 games. And then I wanted to bring out my Wii again but I'm guessing they probably don't make very many games for it any more.

    I also am not sure if the Wii U is backward compatible. I think someone said it is and that part was hacked or something. And that you can use the original Wii controllers with those games. Ah well I dunno too lazy to look since I don't have one yet :P

    Anyway yeah I can see Wii U having a big portion of the console sales this time around because of the exclusives from third parties. It's too bad that FPS games are so popular :/ They were alright in their day when there were just a few (anyone remember Black on ps2? yeah those days) but now there's too many and I want to play simple games.
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    Wii U is backwards compatible with Wii - but NOT GameCube - there is Devolution for that though. Then there is a virtual console and two reccomended games lists, one even by myself :)
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    My PC is not only home to over 110 Steam games but it also acts a my SNES, PS1, n64, Dreamcast, PS2, GameCube and Wii with adapters to use at least one stock controller from each system I listed; so im confident ill never run out of interesting & enjoyable games to play on my Personal Comp.

    Yet it seems Nintendo has chosen to remake just the right game in order to get me interested in the Wii U, what with the remake of Wind Waker coming out and all. So while I think ill continue to stick with my noisy mini-atx tower for the bulk of my gaming desires, Nintendo has certainly sold me with one game I genuinely thought would be ignored as they continued to remake / tweak "old" Zelda titles.
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  4. PrimeX

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    Dec 27, 2012
    gave up on pc "hardcore" gaming long ago. it's time to have fun for a change and my wiiu does just that
    welcome to the party :D
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    I'm not sold on either console yet. Launch lineup isn't helping, once they have announced more games it shall be fairly easy. It's far too early to decide. I'm not a fan of FPS, yet I'm hopeful we'll see more unique games.

    For Wii U I would like to see what Nintendo does with Zelda. It could make or break a deal for me. It could be well in to latter part of 2014 where I may purchase a Wii U.

    Apparently Miyamoto is working on a new IP for the 2014 on Wii U. Lets see what it is.
  6. Amber Lamps

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    I have a gtx670 sc by evga and it cost $409 when I got it. Wii U 32gb is about $355 and is more fun. I should've went to onboard video on my i7 or stuck in a gtx 260 from my other rig and bought the wii u. But when the Wii U launched, the titles looked very lackluster so I thought it was a waste of money at the time. Now it appears to be more fun than the current stuff on PC. I'm having more fun playing homebrew PC games than the top hits. Most of the top stuff are either rpg, rts, or fps (as usual) Many years ago there was a better variety of games for the high end graphic cards of the time.

    Oh and I say more fun even though I haven't played it yet. It just based on some videos that I have seen recently of games that are out and upcoming games. Nintendo really hit the spot by releasing their system first, though I also wonder if it supports the new HD format I forgot what they call it HD2054 or something. I read that the PS4 does. It doesn't matter a whole lot anyway as my TV is 1024i/720p (well I haven't even turned on my TV in over a year because it doesn't have a digital tuner and I don't play my xbox360 jtag at all)

    Anyway if I have to play another modern FPS i'll probably have to shoot myself from sheer boredom. I stopped playing fpses 3 weeks ago and it took 2 1/2 weeks for my boredom to die down a bit. had I known that was an issue of mine, I would have tried to stop a few years ago.

    Here's what fps/rts/rpg addiction does: makes it so you don't really think about going outside, thus making it difficult to meet new people (which is more fun than playing any video games imo), can make you tired, have irrational thoughts, get angry, depressed, bored, moody, irritable, etc.

    But imho with a few cool games like some mini games in Wii U and whatnot, those take a bit less time to play and then you can move on to other things.

    I am wondering, too, if Nintendo geared up this console much like the wii for exercise and stuff although realistically lol why would I use a console for exercise I rather go outside in the sun. I guess there's some things to look into on it and I think that since it is HD and 25gb layer disc and all it should have sufficient graphics quality.

    The PS4 I preordered has the 8 core AMD chip and a lot of people say it isn't anywhere near as powerful as the i7 cpu that I use in my desktop. But I guess it comes down to the UI, bootstrap or what have you basically the "operating system" and some other things. The games I saw demonstrated for it look fine compared to PC. Though I haven't seen anything on PS4 that I even want :/ The game I want is on xbox one :/ So I mean... it's starting to really look like Nintendo wins. For me at least. Everyone else that is still addicted to the above games will want a ps4 or xbox one heh.
  7. Taleweaver

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    Dec 23, 2009
    Just what do you mean with "homebrew PC games"? Indies?

    Nintendo sure has a lot of casual games on their belt, and mini games...nintendoland is an instant favorite. And yes, wiimotes work fine, so if you had a bunch of those, you have pretty much anything to invite a bunch of friends over to play.
  8. JoostinOnline

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    Imagine if they had announced a new Zelda or Metroid game at E3? I bet things would have turned out VERY differently. Remember when they announced Twilight Princess at E3 and the crowd's cheers drowned out the trailer?

    But hey, we got a Donkey Kong sequel. Yay...

    You've made some bad marketing decisions Nintendo.
  9. slingblade1170

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    I own a Wii U and while it is true that there isn't many good games yet, the Wii U has amazing potential. I can't wait to see the great franchises of Nintendo in HD on the Wii U.
  10. DiscostewSM

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    So, you're expecting them to have a new Zelda game to show in less than two year after Skyward, when TP from that point at E3 2004 took at most 4 years of development after Majora's Mask released? This isn't bad marketing. This is how game development works.

    So why a new Donkey Kong game and not a Metroid game? Well, if Metroid was more popular sales-wise, Metroid would have likely been the candidate for Retro Studios to work on.
  11. JoostinOnline

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    1) Don't tell me that they started working on TP before the GameCube was even released.
    2) They are already working on the new Zelda game, it's just taking longer because they are focusing on a port first.
    3) I started my post with "Imagine if". Don't get mad because I asked you to imagine a hypothetical situation.
    4) Nintendo has made terrible marketing decisions. There isn't any question on that. That's why they've got ads trying to clear up the belief that the Wii U is just a Wii with a gamepad.

    Donkey Kong instead of Metroid was one of the biggest complaints of E3 this year.
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    Advice, wii u is finished.
    Hate to say it but it's a flop
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    gr8 b8 m8 would r8
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    Thanks for the advice but I'm going to support it until it bites the dust.
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    I don't know what you mean by just "FPSes and RPGs" I think you are generalizing it too much. I don't play FPS so I can't comment on them but what I can comment on is RPGs there were almost no RPGs mention at E3 this year the only ones worth mentioning were The Witcher 3, X, and Final Fantasy XV. Will the WiiU have some good games? Absolutely there just won't be that many exclusives like on the other consoles. Mario, Zelda are the only big mega hits, yes you have Donkey Kong and Pikmin and a few others but those tittles a will only be appealing to certain people.