Idol Master

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    anyone played one of the three Idol Master games for PSP already ?

    just downloaded one of them with the latest patch (because some problems with the firmware)

    and well ... i am really really really sad about the fact that it seems completely unplayable without beeing able to read japanese.
    of course i never thaught every text would been voiced (even thaught it would have helped me alot) but yeah i just understand not enough.

    I really hope there will be a fan translation someday,
    i don't believe there will be an official translation and even if there would they would definietly dub it as well which would suck bad.


    anyone lucky enough to understand japanese and enjoy the game ?

    i read those are not as good as the xbox one ?

    and are there any translations projects maybe already ?
  2. ShinRyouma

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    Dec 6, 2008
    Maybe you can send a message to a translator in NDS translation section, there's someone who translate DS and PSP games. If he's interested in Idol Master, maybe he would translate it.