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    Is that really the default hostname of an iPod? It's what's showing up in my DHCP list and I wanna' know if that's really it, or if the neighbor leaked the access key and somebody's spoofing. I mean my android device shows a unique identifier, I find it odd a ipod wouldn't...

    inb4 "google it", Google doesn't understand the concept of a hyphenated word or phrase, I'm unable to.

    EDIT: The first half of the MAC is 00:c6:10, and that matches at least... might try kicking it off and see if my connection stops being terrible.
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    I forgot
    Hostnames for iDevices are generally iDeviceType-iPodName.

    So if I had an iPhone and I named it "Suprgamr232" in iTunes it'd show up as "iphone-suprgamr232" or something like that. I believe that's how it is with my dad's iPad at least.

    EDIT: Seems to be the case with my sisters iPhone as well.
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