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    Jun 25, 2017

    as I'm patiently waiting for NTRBootHax to be released, I keep on pondering about how to not get banned while using CFW. I hope starting a new thread is appropriate. :blush: (If not, I'll ask again in the ban thread.)

    How about this: Luma allows you to inject the Homebrew Launcher into any app, so couldn't we just inject it into a system application, run FBI to install tickets and download games from the legitimate eShop to get clean games to play online? That way (I think) Nintendo wouldn't detect any unauthorized software running on our devices -- especially if WiFi is only ever enabled when needed -- that is, while downloading and playing games -- and the software log is cleared after the CFW is installed. I don't know whether Nintendo scans their consoles and SD cards for hombrew. Maybe they do, possibly while the handheld is in sleep mode(?) Also this would go against their opt-out option for Spotpass, wouldn't it? Maybe someone who logged the network connections knows more about this.

    As I've said, I don't have access to CFW, yet and just want some feedback by people who do.

    Thanks for your input!
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