I need help with cias working

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    I am on the pursuit to get Flipnote on my 3DS, i got a club nintendo code, and installed it on my MT Emunand and it gives me a black screen saying "An error has occurred, turn off the system, refer to the manual.." I tried redownloading it multiple times and it kept giving me that screen.

    Next, I tried to convert the japanese cia of Flipnote Studio 3D and it converted successfully, I installed it through devmenu on my cfw and I tried to open it but then it would give me the same error screen.

    Now I tried the US CIA of Flipnote, I got the cia from a website, it installed fine through devmenu, but I opened it multiple times, and it kept saying "The SD Card has been removed" so I went on...

    I got the US rom of flipnote, I got the xorpads fine and then on the final steps of converting it to a cia, it said the rom could not be read...

    Can anyone help me? I have been trying to fix this all week...
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    Probably needs 9.5 to work is my guess.