I broke into February's Paycheck

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    If anyone has ever met me (which no one on here should of and if you did I must have been pretty gone), I don't like spending money at all. I am usually the type of person who does nothing but save and figure out ways to not do anything that costs money.

    So one summer day, I saw a Gtx 460 on sale. Snagged it for $130, got it in the mail, threw it in my case...
    The temperatures were running on about 40C on idle, so I said "F-it" went and bought a new case for about $55.

    So another summer day, I had received the new case, and my old case was one of those retarded HP cases. So I broke the Shiiiiii out of it and took all my computer parts. I was rocking, stole the bluray drive...
    I come to find out that the motherboard didn't have any documentation, but it was not going to stand in my way
    I finally put it together in my new case, and apparently my 6 inch sata cable that connected from HDD to MB was not long enough in my new case. That's ok, I'll spend $12 on two SATA II cables...

    I finally got my two SATA II cables in the mail, I put everything together and boot it up.
    It also appears that the wireless card was almost made specific to my last case, the antenna ran through the metal housing...
    In my new case, this was not possible = no reception.

    So another summer day, I had bought an ASUS PCE-N13 for $27, got that snugged in my new case, got high windows experience ratings, everything was working good. Graphics card was running ~ 30C, I was a happy camper.
    However, everything on my windows experience rating is about 7.5 except my harddrive. my WD green mother f-ing slow piece of HDD. So I eventually told myself that I would get a new harddrive, maybe a caviar black for data and an SSD for boots.

    So yesterday, I got wasted. And the thought about buying a new harddrive was bugging the crap out of me. So I looked for a new harddrive and I wanna get an SSD, but my motherboard doesn't support Sata III and I want to get an SSD that would use more bandwidth then just the 3gb/s speed. So last night... I bought a new ASUS AMD motherboard (my processor/memory should work), I bought a few Sata III cables, and I bought a WD black = $200.

    So now I have re-modernized my computer and tore out all that stupid HP/FoxConn stupid stupid crap.




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