Hyrule Warriors throwing an error when restoring save

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  1. Moni

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    Jun 18, 2016
    Hello, I have a New 3DS XL with Luma3DS 5.5 as custom firmware Emunand version 11.0.0-33E. My problem is that I had to format my N3DS SD card due to an error but I could recover some of the saves with recuva, they all have the same name though so I had to try one by one by copying them to Emunand9SD/Nintendo3DS/4aa64b6648197d/584149618492/title/0040000/0017d500/data, with the name 00000001.sav. The saves didn't react except just one that causes the error in the picture when booting the game. I wanted to recover the save that throws an error, if it is the one that belongs to hyrule warriors.

    I want to know why is this error showing up and if there's a way to know which .sav is for what game[​IMG].

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