html5, UMS & DLNA

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    Mar 9, 2017
    Alright, so the Network Media Player is beyond useless, and writing a custom media player for Vita or doing a port is a lot of work, I'm aware.

    I've worked out that if you have content in h264 AAC @ 44.1khz, the browser html5 media player can play it, guaranteed.

    But why does this matter?

    Well, if we can write a DLNA player that does the directory browsing and content selection, would it be possible to call the web player on a DLNA video stream? Or do some sort of multithreading to convert the DLNA stream into a URI that the html5 player can be called on?

    If that was possible, we could just tell the PMS or UMS to send 1280x720 mp4 and we're good to go.

    I have tested this in Network Media Player, and it doesn't support it even though the web does.

    EDIT: I just realised there are no player controls. Nevermind this idea then.
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