How to uninstall a game update

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    Hi folks,

    I have updated a game (ACNL) for one of my kids to the latest version (ACNL welcome amiibo) but the cheats he was using (through the gateway cart) do not work anymore.

    Is there a way to restore the game to its previous version removing this update (in other wordsroll back from this updated ACNL welcome Amiibo to ACNL?

    If it is impossible to uninstall this update, can I somehow extract the save game from the game file (.3dz) and insert it into an older copy of the game?

    [Edit : Solved this part]
    Furthermore, I thought I would roll back to the previous version by copying the game from his sister's gateway but it seems the savegame is also included in the game and now he's complaining that he has his sister's savegame and not his.

    Again is there a way to restore his savegame (I overwrtote his .3dz with his sister's).

    He's kind of mad at me just before Christmas. I feel sorry for him knowing how much time he's spent on this game.

    Solved: Used Recuva to analyze the game cart and lkuckily game had not been overwritten. Could copy it to PC drive then back to the usd card.

    PS: We're in Europe.

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    Only if you had made a backup with JKSM. You can try to get some sort of AC:NL Save Editor and change his sister's save. If you got his save back, go to System Settings and delete it from there. Gonna edit my post with further details.
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