How to restore NAND backup

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    Jun 24, 2019
    So... i know i should backup boot0/1.bin and rawnand.bin from hekate before attempting any hacking.
    But because i'm new to this, i may f*** something up and my switch may not boot. so, here is my main question - How do i restore the NAND backup from my pc back to my switch? do i just put the boot0/1 and rawnand bin files into the sdcard and use hekate>tools>restore ? will that flash the bin files back into the switch's internal flash memory? need help please.....everyone says how to backup, but nobody says how to RESTORE in case something goes wrong.

    I keep hearing words like sysNAND,emuNAND,emuMMC. correct me if i'm wrong, from what i've learned i'm assuming -
    sysNAND= the original NAND inside switch's internal flash memory (which has to be backed up before everything)
    emuNAND= emulating the original NAND from sdcard instead of internal flash memory (complicated stuff, only available in SX-OS)
    emuMMC= putting the boot0,boot1,rawnand bin files into 1 file and using that for emuNAND (I don't know man)

    i'm going to use atmosphere, as it is the easiest to get into. here's a short breakdown of everything i've learned -
    1)backup original NAND (boot0/1 , rawnand.bin) using hekate.
    2)copy atmosphere to sdcard and apply sigpatches.
    3)inject fusee-primary.bin to boot into atmosphere.
    4)use ChoidujourNx to downgrade to 6.2.0 (exfat), autoRCM enabled.
    5)download nsp files and use tinfoil to install

    another question - there's 'base_game(v0).nsp' and there's 'update.nsp'. if i install only base_game using tinfoil, i should be able to play it, right? i saw a video where the guy installs the base_game using tinfoil and tries to open it, but instead is asked to download update (the game wouldn't start) , so he installs the update.nsp as well and then the game starts. So, do i have to download a game as well as its update for it to start? plz help
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    Mar 8, 2019
    Why the 4)? I’d just use the latest (8.1.0 currently).

    It seems that in firmware there are stored latest version numbers of each released game so the system knows an update exists and asks to update the game.
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