How to play updated games with CFW

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    Mar 28, 2013
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    UFO released a patch update for Elminage Original earlier this week. I downloaded a .pkg file for the game that is from PSN and decrypted it to make the EBOOT. I updated the game on OFW and its now version 1.01. Is there a method that allows you to make an ISO image with the patch data inside. The program(NPDPC) I used only seemed to compile an ISO for the 1.0 version of the game. There is a number of .EDAT files and a PBOOT that was installed in the patched EBOOT folder. Any help or information would be helpful if anyone knows anything about this. Note: I did notice an option for Game update on the ISO tool program that looks for PBOOT. Would I need to have all the PBOOT and patch data in the same folder as the ISO?
    Ah I was on the right direction. Noticed when I opened the ISO_Tool program and clicked Game Update it was looking for the PBOOT in PSP/GAME. So I just moved the iso and patch data into a folder there. Ran the Game Update and it created an updated ISO. Put the ISO back in the ISO folder and left the rest in PSP/GAME and see there is 2 icons now in the XMB tray with 1.01 iso and patch data. Did the trick it seems.