how to play country restricted apps ?

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    I just recently rooted my phone as I thought this might help but I am still not able to Play Country restricted apps ...

    there are so many awesome looking Japanese games and I would love to play them especially because I am learning Japanese and understand at least a little bit ;)

    One thought of mine was to use a VPN, but VPN Apps on my phone did only tunnel the web browser and no other app and my Router doesn't have a VPN option sadly :(
    I downloaded some apps as apk and could Install them but running is something else.

    I know I can make my Computer into some kind of wireless repeater or whatever but I do not know how I can make it use a VPN and even if it will work I don't know if this will be sufficient yet ...
    (I am using Android by the way)

    Anyone knows a solution ?
  2. qwerblim

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    Jun 22, 2015
    It would be helpful to know which apps you're looking to work with, since different apps need different permissions etc to run. It may or may not be a thing to just block the apps location permission, but then again it might be something completely different.
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