How to play blackscreen games on CFW

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    (Very unlikely.)

    So if you use Multiman, Irisman, or any game backup launcher of your choice you will notice how some games (e.g COD Ghosts) will appear on a black screen when launched with PSNpatch. Or just in general. This tutorial will fix it for most games. There will be a list of games currently compatible at the bottom. Also if this worked for you with a game not already on the list just tag me with the game.


    PS3 CFW
    Game backup launcher of your choice.
    Basic knowledge
    Multiman (Also works in Irisman, but I recommend Multiman.)
    Patience (Trust me the process can take a while depending on game size.)


    1. Make sure before doing this that you select basic game launching settings such as BD Mirror and Internal. Also make sure you fix permissions and test the game.
    2. If the game is confirmed not working with PSNpatch or in general then follow.
    3. Highlight game in Multiman.
    4. Press triangle and select create ISO. Wait...
    5. Once done you can launch game with proper settings and it should work without a blackscreen.
    6 (optional). Delete the non-ISO version of the game after to save space.
    (PSNPatch or in general)
    Currently Known Compatible Games
    Sorry for the short tutorial, but as short as it is trust me it will come to help.
    Good Luck! :)
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    Dec 15, 2016
    Voila helped me
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