how to install Windows 8 Theme for Windows 7. [step by step]

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    1.Download Rainmeter and Windows 8 UI theme
    2.start Rainmeter.exe
    3.Next, Angree, on the 3th change nothing except of the bit ofcource and than next and than install it while see the screen with Run Rainmeter its selected to start when finished that must NOT happen and than klik on finish
    5.unpack omnimo
    6.and navigate to the setup you will see an error klik ok
    7.Rainmeter can be found in the start menu so start the program you will see nothing happen
    8.and than open the setup you will see the Omnimo 4 setup just klik install will see the basic setup just leave it be or change the desktop icon too on or off
    10.klik the next button will see 3 themes, the second is for windows 8 theme for the screen bright you must choose yourself
    12.tada you have installed the windows 8 theme successfully

    I hope this works for all of you who want this kind of theme and if it dont work i can always help via teamviewer, when i have time ofcource
    i have tested it myself with windows 7 ultimate sp1

    greetz coolness