How to install a Custom Theme to your 3/2DS

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    The title is basically the intro so..
    All the files and site's used are not mine and I give credit to all owners.
    You should already know how to use Homebrew Launcher

    1. Turn your 3/2DS off and take out the SD card.
    2. Insert it into your PC. If your PC doesn't have an SD slot then you can buy an adapter off ebay for cheap.
    3. Download the file from the link at the end of this thread.
    4. Put CHMM2's .3dsx file into a folder named 3ds. If there is no such folder then create one.
    5. Create a folder called Themes on the root of your SD.
    6. Go to and find a theme you like.
    7. Download it by clicking on the image, and clicking the purple download icon near the description.
    8. Create a folder in the Themes folder that will let you remember the name such as "Majoras Mask" for a LOZ:MM theme.
    9. Extract the files from the zip file to that folder.
    10. Put your SD card in your system, turn it on and boot Homebrew Launcher.
    11. Select CHMM2 (I had a bug that makes CHMM2's name replaced with bl3nder so if it's called bl3nder then still open it.
    12. If nothing appears in the GUI then report in the comments but press A if it does appear.
    13. When the text at the bottom disappears then press and hold power.
    14. Turn on your system and done! If it didn't work report in the comment's.

    Link for CHMM2:
    Link to theme website (again):

    Thank's for reading!
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    plenty of these have already been made...
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    4 the noobs who cant find any (even tho you said plenty hav been made)
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    I am not going to lie, I googled this and there are kind of literal hundreds of guides. I am not trying to put down your guide, but simply note that if they can't find those guides. Then aren't finding your guide either.
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    People still use CHMM2? Howling Theme Tool is much cleaner.
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    Did it once, and regret doing it. It messed up my badges so much.
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    How ..?

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    Also , use Howling's Theme Tool , CHMM2 is broken.
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    howling theme tool is nothing for me (i have 250 themes)