[How-To] 3DS turns off unless a button is pressed&BootCTR9 Brightness Table

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    My first Thread on GBATemp! \^-^/

    What I mean by "3DS turns off unless a button is pressed" is that you have to press a button, which you can specify yourself to boot.

    What you need:

    1. BootCTR9 --> Download latest version
    2. QuickPowerOff Payload --> Download latest version
    3. List of all available Brightnesslevels (later recommend)
    4. 3DS Homebrew tool: image to BIN converter (website tool)
    5. File archiver to extract zip and rar files --> WinRAR, 7-Zip

    General steps to setup BootCTR9:

    1) Download BootCTR9 and the QuickPowerOff Payload.
    2) Extract these downloaded zip/rar files with WinRAR or any other file archiver.
    3) Rename the current arm9loaderhax.bin (your luma payload) at the root of your sd card to something else, to not override it later.
    4) Place the arm9loaderhax.bin from the BootCTR9-pre-v1.0.zip at the root of your sd.
    5) Create a new folder at the root of your sd card called arm9loaderhax.
    6) Place the boot_config.ini from the BootCTR9-pre-v1.0.zip inside the recently created arm9loaderhax folder.
    7) Inside the arm9loaderhax folder create a new folder called
    Payloads. Your file path should now look like this
    8) Now place all of your payloads (Decrypt9, EmuNAND9, Hourglass9, ...) inside this folder. Also the renamed luma payload which was your previous arm9loaderhax.bin.
    9) If you haven't extracted the Left_QuickPowerOff.rar at step 2) extract it now, and place the Left_QuickPowerOff.bin in the Payloads folder.
    Tip: I recommend you to rename all your payloads from something like x_Decrypt9WIP.bin to Decrypt9WIP.bin.
    Explanation for these steps

    Configuration of BootCTR9:
    1) Open the boot_config.ini with an editor of your choice (Notepad ++) and remove everything inside it. (We will create a clean one)
    2) Copy my example configuration and paste it into your boot_config.ini.
    3) Now open the wiki page of BootCTR9 (Wiki) and edit the values as you want them. It is important to load the QuickPowerOff Payload at the default section, to turn the system off if no button is pressed ;).
    Tip: I made a spreadsheet for all possible brightnesslevels (Link).
    Example configuration

    Splashscreens for BootCTR9:

    BootCTR9 uses .bin files for Splashscreens. So you'll need a .bmp, .png, .jpg or .gif (400x240) and convert it with the website tool (Link) to a .bin and dont forget to tick "rotate 90°". Splashscreens can only be set for the Topscreen (as far as i know at the moment, correct me if not).

    After you got that .bin file create inside the arm9loaderhax folder, which is at the root of your sd card, another folder called Splashscreens. Place your splashscreens (.bin) inside it.
    2) Than go to your boot_config.ini file and add the following lines to your payloads.
    Tip: It is also possible to use bootanimations which are based on BootAnim9.
    [Info] Splashscreens and Animations (BootCTR9 Wiki)
    Example configuration for Splashscreens
    Premade Splashscreens


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    Interesting, i like the concept.
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    Thank you. It wouldn't be so complicate if Luma3DS would have a default option. So that Luma3DS loads a specific payload by default
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