How I fixed my Godmode Won't Launch problem

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    Apr 18, 2019
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    Just wanted to pass along the info of how I fixed the issue of Godmode9 not launching when holding down start during the power on. First, I saw ppl talking about how having more than one .firm file in the luma/payloads folder will fix the problem, as it gives the luma chainloader an actual chain of potential files to load. So I downloaded and unzipped the archive for decrypt9 and found the decrypt9.firm file, copied and pasted it right next to godmode9.firm in the payloads folder. Still it didn't launch godmode on startup when holding start. Luma started fine if I held down select on startup, but godmode was not working for me at all. I decided to try making my 3ds do an automatic reset. I went to the system settings and updated the system since I know the system will always do a mini reboot after. As soon as it said the update was complete and the screen turned black, I quickly held down the start button. Lo and behold, the luma chainloader launched and asked which I would like to run, godmode9 or decrypt9. I chose godmode and it launched. I was finally able to get it to work. I have since tried this 4 times, and each time it has worked, and finally I was able to install a fan-made english patch for a certain japanese game I've been dying to play. So for those with this problem, try adding the second .firm file, and then try triggering godmode with the system update's automatic reset.

    ~Darlene Vile
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    The latest release from godmode9 has an issue with the screen init which is known. See here.
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    @darlenevile: That's clearly a Luma issue and should be created as an issue on Github. You don't even get to the payloads menu in Luma. GodMode9 has nothing to do with it. Also, @BaamAlex, what I just said :).

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    I forgot to add, the preferred solution to any GodMode9 issue chainloading from Luma 9.1 is to switch from b9s to fb3DS (don't worry, Luma itself will not be affected by this).

    See here (easy instructions included):