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    Hi all,

    Thanks to Whateverg1012 :bow:, I tried to remove the dumb "update lock" of DOOM using devmenu.
    It may sound trivial, but I just wanted to point this out: Devmenu doesn't need pokemon quest (LayeredFS) anymore, SXOS does the job.

    Find devmenu.nsp on the net.
    Install it using SXOS 1.5.
    Use SXOS or devmenu to install doom (worked for the NSP version)
    Run devmenu, Application/DOOM/Manage/Reset RequiredVersion

    In the end, devmenu is way more stable than SXOS: no crashes if your NSP has any issue (which happens REALLY OFTEN if you manage your archives with Ubuntu 18).

    That's all folks.
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