Question How do i restore nand backup partition?

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    I decided to install CFW reinx but i decided to format my sdcard to exfat so i can install games larger than 4gb, but my switch is asking me to update it to use exfat, so i was thinking of restoring my OFW so i can update and use exfat because the instructions on using exfat without updating is just too complicated for me. how do i restore with these two back up folders? I only have 32gb sdcard thats why my back up is in partition, i also dont know if i should copy the folders, one by one since all of it wont fit in the sdcard.
    2018-09-03_022536. 2018-09-03_022638.
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    You don't need exFAT on the Switch to restore the NAND. The primary way of restoring the NAND is performed via Hekate and Hekate provides its own exFAT support because it is run outside of the Switch's OS.

    On a semi-related note, you can install exFAT into your console online if you're on 5.1 or offline using ChoiDujourNX.
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