how do i import encrypted .sav for "(insert name)"?

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    hi i wanted to transfer my F.E.: Birthrights (usa cia) save to the special edition (usa cia)
    and my pokemon y to itself i upgraded the sd card in my 3ds and it seems some titles did not like the change :-S so im left trying to import some encrypted .sav in the nintendo 3ds folder :-\ i have luma 3ds 11.x.x emunand with 9.2 sysNand not really sure what save tool will work any advice? thanks in advance.
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    Oct 25, 2015
    In terms of what save manager to use, I recommend JKSM.

    Make a save backup for both Birthright and Special Edition, and just bring over the contents of the Birthright save to the folder that has your (most likely empty) Special Edition save.

    I've tested moving save files from Birthright/Conquest to the Special Edition so I can confirm that it works.