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    Long time lurker first time poster. I really wish I could have homebrew on my wii u lol. Love my emulation of older systems and computers. Could give 2 craps about playing official games, what ever games i want to play i go out and buy them. So who ever is working on homebrew thank you ahead of time.( I wish I could code). So again thank you to coders who make the scene and to those who complain about not being able to play your "backups" go buy them people sell them used all the time
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    What firmware are you on? All Wii U versions on and above 2.0.0 have had homebrew for quite a while. And all systems on 5.3.2 and below allow you to play Wii U backups. Well... only some select firmwares. Backports are still being worked on.
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    So...? This is a appreciation thread then?

    What version you are?
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