Homebrew Launcher scrolling down by itself?!

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    Sep 11, 2016
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    So whenever I open up the homebrew launcher, without any input from me, it starts scrolling down slowly. I calibrated my circle pad and my touchscreen and I doubt they're the culprits, but maybe my new 3ds nub is causing this? It doesn't seem damaged and it's not like I'm using it a lot. However I'm able to manipulate the scrolling or make it stop by ever so slightly holding the C-nub.

    EDIT: As there's no way to calibrate or try the nub in the system settings(...) I fired up the MGS3 demo and played around with it. No false dead zone causing the camera to move even when I set the sensitivity to 9 and no problems* moving the camera**. It only moves when and wherever** I want it to move.

    *During calibration and in general I find it harder to press 'down' on the nub. Shit sucks.
    **Well, it's the nub so I suppose it works as well as a shitty little nub can...
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