Homebrew freezes after loading usb loader gx

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by ItsAFeature, Sep 5, 2015.

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    Sep 5, 2015
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    Whenever I try to go into homebrew to get into gecko codes after using the usb loader gx homebrew just shows a warning message that says something along the lines of "do not sell this software, if you payed money for this you have been scammed" or something like that then my whole system freezes. But if I go into homebrew before using the usb loader it skips that warning and works as usual.

    so I turn on my wii -> load animal parade with usb loader gx -> go to homebrew to get into geko codes -> hombrew freezes

    I've looked everywhere but it seems I can only find people having trouble with their use loader freezing, which is apparently the only thing I'm not having trouble with.
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    Do not launch HBC channel from the loader. (I will fix that later)
    if you want to exit to the homebrew channel, use the Home button > exit > HBC.

    if you don't have the HBC option in the exit button, you need to go to Settings > GUI > Home menu : Full
    it will add more option to choose how to shutdown and where to exit to.

    You know that USBLoaderGX has an integrated cheat code downloader ?
    you don't need gecko codes if the cheats are located on geckocodes website.
    Maybe you use gecko codes homebrew to edit the codes? (to add item values, etc.) in that case, you are right as USBGX can't edit codes (yet).

    in case you don't know how to use cheatcode in the loader:
    Select a game, go to options.
    Select the Ocarina menu, it will asks you if you want to download the code list if not present.
    in that menu, enable the cheat code you want, and generate a "gct" file.

    That gct will be loaded only of you want to.
    Game option > Ocarina : Enable

    now launch the game.
  3. Wiimm

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    Aug 11, 2009
    Except for generic codes (codes with e.g. 'XXXX' parts needs a manual adaptation; or does GX it?).
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    yes, that's what I told above.
    The loader is still not capable of editing those codes.

    I want to add a tool integrated to the loader, but always end fixing or working other things first.