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    I remember before when i used to have homebrew for my NDS flash card, one of them was a Nes emulator, nesds i think. It allowed me to play nes roms, but it also allowed for wireless local 2 player modes. But you could also eject flash cart and use it in another system while the game still works so you only needed one flashcart to play 2 player games with two systems, i thought that was cool.

    I was wondering if maybe somehow emulators can be created or modifyed to do Download play for 2 player games? Of course maybe is not possible but just asking. It doesn't have to be emulators but i figured it make more sense as i don't know any homebrew that exist is for more than one player.

    Probably asking why would someone want to do this. "If your 3DS can run homebrew then it pointless to do" Well i mean it depends, not everyone has access to homebrew right? What if you on the bus one day with your friend, decide to wanna play Ninja turtles 3 on nes, then you could simply download the game to their system, of course, 2 options would be link wireless play for two player or single player downoad for just themself, maybe just for playing sometime later or whatever, maybe single player races who knows. Anyway it just a thought i had. Of course if it works with no extra hacks to system like needing CFW or something, the better.

    After examining some of the games with download play, For example super mario bros 3 i noticed cia file is quite big for a game that isn't over 1 MB in original file size. Is about 13MB, of course is kinda big, is a virtual console emulator, with the game inside and a another cia. the CIA contains a CIA. This CIA is the file transfered when using download play, based on the title id, it proably handled very differently than actual install data, is not a title id for sd game install or extra data for DLC or UPDATE, i'm not exactly that knowledgable about it but this is how it works to my knowledge.

    Anyway, i was thinking maybe perhaps the way to do this is, to create emulator cia (Proabably will need CFW to use) That contains another cia = download play file Then make the necessary modfications to it. While the original cia like smb3 would contain the rom inside when downloaded and transfered, i think perhaps since is a emulator, maybe you could just modifiy the download play cia function to accept rom transfers from main system somehow, then even be able to just switch like if you playing alone, and decide how to send it (Single play one player or linked play 2 player)

    To be honest i'm not sure why anyone would think about adding this feature but just having it possible shows lots of talent and advances in homebrew which i think is always good. :)

    The other option would be to just find a way to add download play to rom injections, which also would be nice advance in homebrew. Except i dunno if anyone tried this either. So i dunno What do you think?
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    I don't think any of them have multiplayer if two consoles are running the same emulator yet.....
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    The target system would have to be hacked (sig patches aka cfw) to run a non-official download play. Beyond that, I guess it should work in principle, unless there are other obstacles I don't know about. Tho I don't know if the communication protocol and whatever else needs to be used for DLP has been suitably reverse-engineered at this point.
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