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    Nov 23, 2015
    i modded my wii,everything is fine except that i need an sd card to run homebrew apps, i tried to move the /apps folder from my phone sd to the wii hard drive, but when i run the hbc no apps appear. i can see that the hbc detects the hard drive. i even installed more ctos and more ios updates. but it's still the same.
    my second problem is a friend wanted me to mod his wii, my wii is black with the lastest update (4.3E) and his wii is white with the 3.4e update,so i updated it to 4.3e.
    i did the same steps from the same guide,priiloader,hbc channel ect.
    i play my wii/gamecube games on a hard drive. but my friend has a 15 GB usb drive. i tried putting the /apps in the fat32 usb drive and it's still the same. so i downloaded forwaders for the usb loaders.
    the problem is when i run any of the usb loaders either from the hbc or the wii menu on my friend's wii. i only see the loader logo then it gets back to the menu. i found an annoying solution, remove the usb drive(i'm sure it's on the 2nd port near the edge of the wii btw) and start the channel/app, and when the logo comes,i immediately insert the usb drive and it opens,it doesn't always work, and it's so annoying,different from how i use my wii.i installed all the ios and the ctos 3 times.
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