[Help] YSMENU setup and loading problem! r4 sdhc

Discussion in 'DSTT' started by asdasd, Dec 20, 2010.

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    May 12, 2006
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    hii, I want to play golden sun so I started reading on this YSMenu thing..

    when i downloaded
    DSTT/i & R4/i SDHC Users DOWNLOAD LINK : RetroGameFan DSTT/i & R4/i SDHC v6.42

    and installed everything at the right place, When I ran it in NDS, i get a white screen, loading black squares and never ends.
    Not from running games, Just from running the thing itself.

    - I am using a R4 SDHC Card that looks exactly like the one from the website http://www.r4sdhc.com/
    - Am upgraded to Kernel v1.34

    And it just wont work, (even followed the whole renaming thing which says in direction, did not remove anything from the orginal kernel!)

    On the side note::::
    also, when i try using DCFCC and check the heart rate on golden sun, it was not valid.. which means.. the rom i downloaded doesnt work?
    if so can anyone tell me a site they use? thanks in advance!

    PS: I MEAN TTMENU! the one by retro, my bad!