Help with upgrading to A9LH from RXTools

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    Jan 6, 2016
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    For starters I'm very sorry for making yet another thread about A9LH, but I couldn't find anything from googling and research.

    I have an O3DS XL with 9.2 Sysnand and 10.6 Emunand RXTools (ver. 2.6 I believe). After installing RXTools I faded away from the hacking scene enjoying my new CFW, but after a while I came back and found out about some sort of A9LH with 100% boot rate and brick fixing.
    I'm trying to figure out if there is any way I can install A9LH and keep my RXTools emunand and maybe even a boot manager.... and if there is I would like some sort of guide please.

    Once more, I'm very sorry for making yet another one of these "noob-y" threads. :unsure:
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