1. Dick Balus

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    Jul 15, 2013
    United States
    I originally started using neogamma for backups and I downloaded and followed a very similar softmod guide to the one located here


    This was the Exact guide. I installed the 3.0 wiimod batch.

    Now the problem hits me when I try and play my gamecube backups on the USBloaderGX channel. It picks the game up and will download the cover for it and everything, but when I click say.....Skies of Arcadia for GC, instead of seeing any gamecube logo on the disc preview pop up window, its just a black screen. then when I click to play, it loads for a second and just boots me back to the wii menu screen.

    Right now my wii will pick up backup games on a disc and retail games, but I just cant seem to get one GC game to run off the loader. wii games are working perfectly. any suggestions? I would REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate any help you folks could give. Spent alot of time trying to solve the problem last night.

    running the latest system menu.

    I find that whenever I add more games to my USB stick USB loader has a fucking heart attack and starts acting weird......why is this? By weird I mean the games that loaded and worked 5 minutes before I added more titles now don't work. Why?
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