Help with making Shin Megami Tensei IV cheat codes?

Discussion in '3DS - ROM Hacking, Translations and Utilities' started by Kotomine Kirei, Mar 27, 2016.

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    May 21, 2015
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    Would it be possible to make a teleport to first floor/entrance or noclip mode/walk through walls code?

    I got stuck in an area that I should not have gone to after jumping through two, one-way-only entrances.
    Also, I saved after I made a lot of progress, but before I found out that I was stuck.
    There is an exit, but it is blocked by a breakable wall that is facing the wrong way, and NPCs are blocking the way to go further down.
    I really do not want to restart from my other save, though I will if I have to.
    Can someone help me with this, please?

    It would be nice to know how to find those kinds of codes myself (turning off character collision or teleporting), in case such a thing happens in some other game.
    However, if that cannot be done, then near the very least I would like to just make a .plg file for the game with some other codes.
    That said, I have not much of an idea how to make one.
    I tried running build.bat after editing gameplg.c, but it came up with many errors about missing files and incorrect arguments.
    I do not understand why though, as I installed devkitPro and Python 2.7 and followed what this post said to do...
    I have looked at the source for a FE: Awakening plugin (by the same person who made that other post if I recall), but there seemed to be a lot in there that was not explained in the post nor with comments, and I had no idea why certain address codes were changed or had extra things added onto them.
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