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    can anyone tell me why the new zelda game wont work on my ds. it loads up and freezes at nintendo logo. i proberbly need to update software on r4 card but thought id would ask first
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    Answer: You're using an R4
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    I don't even think freezing at the logo was the antipiracy effect in this rom. Wasn't it lack of train commands?

    You probably need a new rom if that one just hangs at the Nintendo logo. If you're using an original R4, you're gonna need the crack, or YSmenu built with the lastest unofficial DSTT firmware.
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    Wrong section, but the simple solution is to get YSMenu:

    If you're confident with your ability to follow instructions, You can use Moonshell2 as firmware and get it to load Commercial ROMs using Normatt's patched overlay.dll and Xenon++ YSLaunch, which will fairly closely simulate the M3's Sakura firmware.

    Tools & Files:
    Moonshell 2.09:
    DLDI Patcher & R4 DLDI:
    Unofficial R4YSAuto:
    Normatt's overlay.dll:
    Xenon++'s YSLaunch:
    denieru7's Weekly infolib:
    Panasonic SDFormatter:

    Steps:[*]Moonshell 2 setup[*]Extract the moonshl2 folder and moonshl2_DirectBoot.nds to your desktop or some other location that you have easy access to.[*]Extract the DLDI patcher and put the R4 DLDI into it's folder then patch the moonshl2_DirectBoot.nds file.[*]Extract R4denc to a folder, and Drag and Drop the DLDI patched moonshl2_DirectBoot.nds onto R4enc.exe to encrypt.[*]Rename moonshl2_DirectBoot.nds.DAT to _DS_MENU.DAT and delete moonshl2_DirectBoot.nds.[*]YSMenu setup[*]Go to and search/find "DS(T_T)DS" and click the link for "2009/03/27 00:00?EZ3in1+ NOR"[*]Extract R4YSAuto to a folder and place the archive inside, then run r4.bat and answer the questions, you want to build YSMenu as a .nds file (Option 4 when it asks).
    • NOTE: You -WILL- get an error message (Error: dldi-head not found) this is fine and expected. Continue as normal.
    [*]When it is complete, a window will open with TTMenu folder and YSMenu.nds, move them to the same location as your moonshl2 folder and _DS_MENU.DAT.[*]Move the YSMenu.nds file into the TTMenu folder.[*]Download the latest infolib.dat and savlib.dat from denieru7's Weekly infolib site and place them into the TTMenu folder, overwriting the old files.[*]Commercial ROM loading setup[*]Extract Normatt's overlay.dll and move it to the ..\moonshl2\internal\ folder.[*]Extract Xenon++'s YSLaunch nds.yslaunch.nds and rename it to _hn.HugeNDSLoader.nds[*]Extract Xenon++'s YSLaunch nds.yslaunch.nds and rename it to _vh.VeryHugeNDSLoader.nds[*]Extract Xenon++'s YSLaunch config.ini and open it in Notepad or another editor, change the paths to:
    • YSMenu=/TTMenu/ysmenu.nds
    • YSini=/TTMenu/ysmenu.ini
    [*]Move _hn.HugeNDSLoader.nds, _vh.VeryHugeNDSLoader.nds and config.ini to the ..\moonshl2\extlink\ folder.Now that the hard part is over, back up your games, homebrew, music, movies and anything else you want then format your card using the Panasonic SDFormatter.
    Copy the moonshl2 & TTMenu folders and _DS_MENU.DAT to your card, then move all your other games and homebrew back over as well.
    !!! DO NOT copy over any of your old firmware files, or files like _DS_MENU.SYS, R4.SYS, etc !!!

    If you run into any problems, feel free to ask here or PM me.