1. Anrei

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    Oct 7, 2019
    United Kingdom
    Hey, I've tried creating a cheat.txt for Dragon Quest Builders 2 Eng following this https://www.bitchute.com/video/xJsoO3Xg6EaO/ , I'm really unfamiliar with ram editing and barely know what I'm doing honestly lol. EdiZon said it recognized a cheat but the build ID was wrong, now that I've fixed that it's blank.

    I found the correct candidates in u16 (in this case for the first few item bar and inventory slots), and in SX Cheat Code Tool to 16bit (presuming it was the correct one because of u16... I'm an absolute noob sorry;; ) and afterwards tried it with 32bit.

    *This is the .txt

    [Item bar slots 1-3]
    041F0000 41C5BC12 00000999
    041F0000 41C5BC16 00000999
    041F0000 41C5BC1A 00000999
    [Inventory slots 1-4]
    041F0000 41C61536 00000999
    041F0000 41C6153A 00000999
    041F0000 41C6153E 00000999
    041F0000 41C61542 00000999

    **Edit: I got it to "work"...

    The intention was to make the slots 999 that never go down. Now, the first slot sets things to 2457 (which shouldn't even be possible, 999 is max), and the following slots (which were supposed to be 999) + an extra one are voids where everything that's put into it disappears. Tried changing it so it's only for the first slot, but still the slot next to it is a void. Idk what the hell I've done, but any help would be very appreciated :')
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    Nov 15, 2019
    United States
    You need (You can get this info from Edizon):
    -Title ID
    -Game Version (Varies by region)

    Create a folder with the Title ID number.
    Create a folder named cheats.
    Create a txt file with Game Version number (dump your cheats in here).

    Put all of them in atmosphere/titles/

    It should look like this:
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