Help with a n3ds on 9.0

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  1. Jonathan Martinez

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    Dec 2, 2015
    Hey guys I just got a new nintendo 3ds xl on firmware 9.0 & I tried installing cfw with VerseHell guide tried with the pasta method first and couldn't get pastacfw to boot (the screen stayed black after I selected it on homebrew launcher) then I tried with cakes cfw and it loaded back to the menu but when I go back to the homebrew launcher and select FBI it was giving me the error "Could not initialize the am service". Now I checked the sd card and it already had a title.db & import.db files (the 3ds came with a video app installed). Any help plz?

    I also tried doing coldboot with rxtools 10-02 build and it worked just fine (it even says the rx thing before firmware in settings) but when I go to the homebrew launcher to FBI I keep getting the same error..
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