Help with 1.6 modchipped og xbox


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Jan 9, 2012
I've modded pretty much every moddable console out there, and this is by far, the most dificult one. If not for the forums, i 'd given up.

-Xbox 1.6
-Aladin modchip
-500gb sata hdd
-adapter sata ide pretty new and funcitonal
-burned discs booting just fine

I've used one boot disc to install single default dashboard.

The xbmc4gamers did boot, but no games showed up. I see that f and g are not proper showing also in file manager. And i don't know if what i did has anything to do with this new problem.

I'm starting from basics, because the thing got in a way that remembers me of the first xbox i have and bricked, and no one ever knew why and how. This is my third xbox, and the first i got this near to get it work.

What i Want? Just boot my console and play xbox games from xbmc4gamers.

1 - Is this planet earth?

2 - I hear somewhere, the game format go extracted (single xbe executable) go into f:/games and/or g:/games. Am I Right?

-f:\games\game1\bunch of folders, files and at least a xbe file.

also g:\

3 - I cannot move my games with fatXplorer? this is what i did. put the hdd on pc, fatxxplorer says "hey you hdd is locked, unlock it". I did this with the configmagic 1.6 in my boot disc. Hdd unlocked, fatXplorer recognized it, move 200gb of hddready collection to the games folder on f:\games\, plus 200gb more into g:\games\.

4 - Boot into xbmc4gamers, not single one game showing

5-locked hdd again, and still no single gaming showing

6- noted that in file explorer f and g are not available

7- Launched xbpartitioner 1.3, and some never seen before message: "LBA48 info not found, you may not be able to use custom partition" or something like that.

8- If I do from begining, i don't know how to avoid any possible error.
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