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    Jul 15, 2013
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    So , i just bought a wii , a black version , 4.3u , i only installed The Homebrew Channel, and after that idk what to do ! I need to install a usb loader (USB Loader GX or WiiFlow) that works with motion+ ! I heard that if you're using a remote with motion+, the usb loaders doesn't recognise the remote ! Well , i want to know , after installing homebrew , how to get one of the usb loaders , can someone give me the steps !
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    WiiFlow recognizes motion plus controllers; all of them do, actually. Go on Google. Oh, and make sure you also back up your Wii, just in case something... unexpected... happens. Google that too.
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    I recommend downloading modmii to download the necessary files that you need to install and it also creates a guide you can follow. (it'll get you what you want)
    I'm assuming you're not familiar with cIOS, Bootmii, or Priiloader too. Correct?

    or if everything is fine, just try wiiflow or usb loader gx right now. they should work with your remotes just fine i suspect.

    Just to be safe you should really just run modmii to make sure you have all your hacks updated.
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