HELP: trying to use m3simply on ds-x using DS

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Sep 18, 2008
  1. exar khun

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    need some help.
    i have 2 NDSL units - one using my old ds-x card and the other one using an m3simply card...
    when i was trying to use the m3 simply card on the ndsl unit that was only using the ds-x card, my ndsl unit cannot read the m3simply card. but when i use an original ndsl game card, the unit can read the game. so anybody canhelp with my problem?

    the reason i am trying to use the m3dsimply on the ds-x loaded ndsl unit is bcoz my ds-x card is not update to the latest firmwar and thus cannot play the newer games. i read on this forum how to update the software but it looks complicated.
    if ever i do try it, is there a possibility that i can brick my ndsl unit?
    are there any other ways to update the firmware? is it worth it to update the firmware?
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