1. Afonso Mralha

    OP Afonso Mralha Member

    Sep 5, 2015
    Hello everyone!
    Some days ago when I was making a backup of my sd card, somehow i lost everything on it (ironic isn't it?...). But i had the backup, so I restored everything, but I lost all my games (payed ones), all the homebrew, and all that stuff... So I used ninjhax to install the homebrew back and dawnload the games I lost, and ironfall (pf course for ironhax), but when trying to access the eshop through "eShop - old version downloader" or the eShop homebrew app, I get a message saying that i have to update, of course i'm not going to update ANYTHING.

    Am I missing something or do I need to wait for the new haxe's(?) to downgrade?

    TL;DR: I lost everything when i was trying to make a backup of the sd card, i can't access the eShop to download Ironfall (even with the homebrew apps) Help?

    Thx in advance

    Afonso Muralha
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