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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by daz b, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. daz b

    daz b Newbie

    Feb 9, 2010
    Hi folks first post so here goes, i have my modded wii and getting read error #002 when playing certain new backed up games, reading various post i need to update something or other, i know there are numourous post on how to soft mod your wii from scratch but nothing really i can see on how to upgrade.

    my wii is running on firmware 3.2 and home brew channel is on it 1.0.6 ios36 v 4.18 and i am using wii backup launcher 0.3 gamma, ios249 this might as well be in chinese as i've no idea what it means if anything at all!

    I've tried messing about trying to load neo gamma but all to no avail and looking around on you tube i've seen a new version of backup launcher( or maybe it was backup loader ?) with mario and luigi graphics on it so presume that this is the latest version? ? ?

    trouble is now when i put an SD card in my wii and try to access this via homebrew channel nothing is showing only the homebrew background as if it is not reading the card ?!?!? have i done something terrible to the wii ? the kids will not be impressed if i have !!

    if no update for backup launcher is available and i wanted to put on neo gamma ( as i know these games work on my mates because i have took my copies to try them) as a channel would i need to delete the backup launcher channel, that seems to be working as normal and plays backed up games i just want to play new released games. i've read about wads etc what ever they are but seem to be missing something ?!?!? any easy to follow guides or links or links to backup launcher updates would be very much appreciated but i must admit i'm not the sharpest knife in the draw and the easier to follow guides the better. i have all that is needed sd card / card reader and a copy of zelda! help me before the kids find out !!! lol (sorry for such a long post too, but wanted to get as much info on, in the hope that someone can help! ) i must stress i am a total noob to all this so go easy on me and any guides advice in plain english please as i'm not that pc aware!
    thanks to all in advance
  2. veganjustice

    veganjustice Advanced Member

    Nov 20, 2008
    United States
    If you have older backups that are playing fine, and getting the newer games giving you the #002 error, it is most likely because your Wii is "out of date" to put it. You probably don't have have the proper IOS that these newer games are looking for.

    I'd recommend following the only stickied guide in this forum, update and follow the instructions to the letter, and you'll have an updated Wii that should be able to play all the latest games. A few of them require some extra steps, but in the most part, you'll be fine. I'd recommend NeoGamma or USB Loader GX as your loader, NeoGamma can play disc back ups, so that is will help you if you are them as DVD-R's, or USB Loader GX if you will run backs up from an external drive.
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