help psp brick!!!!!!!!!

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    Aug 28, 2016
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    hi i have an black American PSP 2000 serial number HU2237504 which has become bricked

    At this point "" i could find my date code on behind battery so i checked the umd method and got a 5 digit code but it started with "96" thinking it was a mistake i selected "7C" and downloaded 6.60 lme 2.3

    when i clicked on update launcher it launched it said "installation not supported on this motherboard"
    but instead of going to home screen or the buttons just froze and black screen appeared (even though i assume the installer should not have proceeded but somehow it bricked the psp)

    now the psp only shows black screen with green light which is continuous

    also the psp did not have a prior cfw and then it also gave the "message" during the process so it would mean
    that psp still should not have cfw. so why has it bricked?

    also my date code is not behind battery and when i checked umd drive the first two digits are both numbers
    instead of one number and one letter

    serial number HU2237504


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