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    so everything works fine and i know how to use private headers with sky3ds+ but i made two stupid mistakes.
    first off i took my dump of pokemon y and went online with it only to update the "holo cast" update (I wasn't thinking it was connecting to the actual online nintendo network). After that i restarted the 3ds and Y back up and got error 002-0123 and im afraid a malformed/randomized/null header (i ran it through a program no ban no sky and gateway rom patcher but I didnt touch the advanced and/or chip settings) sent a signal to nintendo. If I tinker with those settings to try to fix 002-0123 it can it get me banned? Is nintendo logging my s***?

    second is that since installing rxtools as an emunand on SD card about a month ago i noticed in my system settings that send system info to Nintendo was on. I today turned it off. Does this mean nintendo sees RX-E in disgontic reports? or do they just see the firmware official equivalent of what im on?

    I'm just thinking of the odds considering I wasn't online for than 5-10 minutes. i wonder if a slightly messed up header is as bad as a public one.
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    As far as I know, as long as you go online with an invalid header, you're at risk of a ban
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    Bottom line is: If you're worried about getting banned, don't pirate.

    Anyways, if you can still go online with your legit games, you're not banned.

    As for using Sky3DS to play Pokemon Y... Since you have CFW, you should install the CIA version and play online with that and not worry about private headers.

    Is Nintendo collecting info on who is using CFW? Maybe? Can they? Yes they can. Will they do anything? Iono, ask Nintendo?
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